diamondcutters & fingerprints

by Manny McGuffin

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released January 1, 2001



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Manny McGuffin

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Track Name: the larch
I'll never be your Ooh Child, baby
I'll never be your Daniel
I'll never climb your Stairway to Heaven or
Drive down your Highway to Hell
I'm just a forgotten little melody like that theme to WKRP
If you're wondering, I'm living on the air and doing fine

Some songs become part of life
Like that monster rim-shot Bob got in '65
Others come round only once in a while
Like One Night in Bangkok or Betty Davis Eyes
We made music together, that's for sure
But our love was never anything more than just a fast-food jingle,
We were Hot 'n Now but now you're only hot for guys that sell class rings

Here's one for the one hit wonders
What Wall of Voodoo weds, let no man put asunder
Been thinking about you and it feels alright to me
Here's one for the shooting stars
I'm a long lost weekend with you in twelve bars
When Dexy strikes up the band, you hold tight to me...
Track Name: no. 4
If you think you're leaving now, so does she
Pack your bags and move out to the country
Pack your troubles in an old knapsack
And pray to God that you don't look back
Throw away that paper bag and use me

Cinder blocks and cracked sidewalks
A homeless man in argyle socks
Street life in the city really threw you
If the French should annex Spain
Would you keep your given name
Would your friends still honey on the moon

In an empty crater scene
The stars and bars in blue and green
That fast food troubadour ain't nothing more than number four

Here's a box you left behind from leaving
A sad collection of misplaced tales that could have been
It's not bad to call it quits for us
You take the jet and I'll take the bus
Meet you on the other side of being friends

I know somewhere down the line
You will think of me some time
When you tell your family, won't you do so gently
And call me number three
Track Name: circles
I've got a kiwi cupped in a wolf skull
A catalog of dragon breath
I've got a calendar tracked like a pirate map
Trying to find the time since you left
But you won't say anything
To let me know where you've been
I'm driving round in circles in my hometown again

There's the K-8 where we stayed up late
Lighting fires 'neath the fighter's gun
Retired war machines as playthings
Guess you've got to start them when they're young
The shady lane where you kissed Mary Jane
Your mouth a mortal sin
Driving round in circles in my hometown again

I know you don't live here anymore
But it's not just things we never had that I am wishing for

So singer sing your misgivings
I'm sinking in the lost and found
I've got a heart that's paved like a zombie's grave
I'm still kicking it underground
You've got some big top baby
Surprise, a Cheshire grin
I'm driving round in circles in my hometown again
Track Name: beefheart park
Pictures taken before you were born
The colors faded and the corners worn
Grilling on the Weber, 1963
You got a red Camaro and a black and white tv

singing na na na na na na ...

You got the treehouse lookout and the master plan
Drinking Pepsi cola from a pull-tab can
In the park after dark breaking into the candy stand
Boston baked beans in your mouth and blood upon your hands

na na na na na ...

Hey belly can I borrow your Beefheart album for the weekend
I've got to make a fresh mix tape. Baby I'm in love again

na na na na na ...
Track Name: dancer
You break the heart you don't know
In a bar, dancing like a puppet show
I'm a wooden boy on a wooden floor

That guy you're with is a half-wit
He likes the Smiths, but he hates fags n shit
Hangs out behind the liquor store

I waited all night to see you
I had to work til nine at the DQ
Starkist all the while

Tonight I'll wear three tshirt, I've got
one for the drive-thru and two for after work
I'm cotton on cotton on and on

Your burlap smile, satin smile
You break a sweat like dew on tile
You never sleep before the dawn

You got my heart when you caught my eye
You got the part of me that keeps me alive
The band was ok, but the reason I stayed
You were a perfect dancer

Dropped ten bucks on Moxy Fruvous
Just to watch you rock the Jerry Lewis
All the French boys know your name

You break the heart you don't know
In a bar, dancing like a puppet show
Track Name: old style
He had big hands laid out on the table
He'd say hurt me children, if you're able

Quilted flannel with welder's pinholes
Some souvenirs for the grandkids to take home

Old style, would you go it alone
If I made you proud, would you let me know
If you come around, I won't tell a soul
Old style

Loving wife, fcked-up children
Probably gave them good advice but the little shits wouldn't listen

85 Bears, AJ Foyt, and hot air balloons
Saw my first Penthouse in that musky basement bathroom

Old style, would you go it alone
If I made you proud, would you let me know
If you come around, I won't tell a soul
Old style
Track Name: snow white
Last night I was driving your head around
Your gray blood nose sun kissed on shaky ground
Under your house I found a thousand bones
They were for residents only

You're Snow White with black feet down the dorm hall
You look tight in tank top and overalls
I saw your picture painted on the Union walls, pigtails and all
You were smiling in red, gold, and green - Your karmic swing is the sweetest thing

From 17 to 72
From Santa Fe to Xanadu
I've never seen anybody like you
Forgive me if I need a little time to get used to the way that you used me too

You dropped a dime, it fell into the juke box
Sign of the times, the funky one is what we got
I'm a dancing catastrophe, I'll let you laugh at me
If you let me know what you mean when you're screaming "I got the fever for the flavor of an underachiever"

From 17 to 72
From FLA to the Ft Wayne Zoo
I've never seen anybody like you
Forgive me if I need a little time to get used to the way that you use me too

Judy's on a short bed, pudding on her Carhartts
She bums lights, but you're not afraid of the dark
You're such a criminal, you're just a little more than
I'll ever be ready for beating your swords into shareware
You're cheap and dirty like the county fair
Tell me baby, what'd you put in your hair
I want to love you but there's no one there
I want to love you

From 17 to 72
From won't you stay to what'd I do
I've never seen anybody like you
Forgive me if I need a little time to get used to the way that you use me too
Track Name: trucks in space
When I applied my own top 5, I could not lie.
I've known it since 8th grade.
Trucks in space, trucks in space

Passing cars with big guitars, over the road
and out to the stars hauling freight.
Trucks in space, trucks in space

That was rebellion then to me.
Hell on Schwinn with holes in either knee.
Every time the record played "Here Comes the Rock Brigade"

So here's to Steve, Rick, Joe, and Pete.
They're incomplete without the other Rick on bass.
Trucks in space, trucks in space.

To think the things we used to do
when we had Krokus and we had the Crue.
We had nothing yet to fear. We had big rigs in the stratosphere.

You may say they've gone away or that they should,
but On Through The Night is ok, if only
for trucks in space.
Track Name: lorraine (altpeter remix)
You don't ask Lorraine about anything
except what's inside
You know when she comes she's gonna sing
and make everything alright

Wrapped up in a feather boa built like a
tight-rope walker so high
Commanding attention like a caterpillar
crawling up the inside of your thigh

Lorraine is making sunshine on a cold and cloudy day
Lorraine will make you feel so fine
if you're thinking about leaving she'll make you want to stay

Lorraine likes girl bands and slam-dancing
She's got a Rottweiler too
The dog is ok if you really want to play
but if you're not careful he'll end up attached to you

When I started to cobra she said I should have told you
I'm a black-belt voodoo queen
She said "Love is the bug, baby. Let's cut a rug"
I said "You've got to show me what you mean"

Lorraine is making moonshine from a still on a cloudless night
Lorraine, she'll make you feel so fine
You've got to... yeah, that's right

Lorraine's got a club foot and a disco tech behind
She's got raven hair with an arena rock flair
The one that got me was her coffee house mind

She looks hot in a tube top and a tote bag from npr
I've got an itch, a riding crop, and an unhealthy obsession with Terri Garr

Lorraine, she's like a red wine - great legs, I love to watch her walk
Lorraine, she makes me feel so fine, she says "Shhh... don't talk"