by Manny McGuffin

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A collection of submissions to The Old Distillery.


released December 31, 2010



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Manny McGuffin

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Track Name: burnside
Ambrose rose to prominence on the basis of facial dominance. Born in Liberty, Indiana - that's right. Now his legacy is nationwide.

He sent wave after wave 'cross the bridge at Antietam, but wave after wave 'cross the bridge couldn't beat them. The crater at Petersburg was his final fight, then he rode off into the night.

Ambrose you tried, but you never were the Union's pride. As the nation cried, your face it was bonafide - - Burnside.

An innovator and trailblazer, he was an architect with a straight razor. Shave the chin but leave the chops and 'stache. That's what we used to call panache.

Now look at Neil Young in the 70s, Asimov and Elvis and Wolverine, Jemaine Clement and Andre the Giant, Lord won't you listen to the burns roar.
Track Name: the king louis blues
Goodnight Marie, now it's time we go.
The crowd out front is calling out for another show.
Here's one last thing you really ought to know,
These have been the days of wine and roses

The Third Estate, no one's saying they don't struggle to make a living,
But their ideas of injustice are just so unforgiving.
So kiss me once before they run me to the gallows
In the afterglow of the days of wine and roses.

Robespierre will be the death of me.
My dear Marie, it's the end of the monarchy.
Since the day the Bastille was compromised,
I'm a nervous kind of guy. Marie, I don't want to die.

Good night Marie, now it's getting late.
I sure do wish you hadn't started that nonsense about eating cake.
C'est la vie, au revoir, remember me tomorrow,
and hold on to the days of wine and roses.
We both wore pantyhoses, in the days of wine and roses.
Track Name: rikshaw finn
In Burkina Faso, they play the tam-tam in hopes that
The cat will free the moon, the source of rain is lunar now
There's Chad Pancake stealing a smoke
The stars above, du kleine kopfschmerz, are copper and gold

The Speke and Burton expedition is searching
Your heart of darkness and the Kama Sutra's only a start
Up the river there's a queen in the lake
You got the sod row and I've got the wind rake

Let's begin to stare into the sun, trading truth for creature comforts and
Let em in, these fireflies and falling stars
come from lies to Rikshaw Finn

Cuban rain on the cradle is falling
43 is holding and Baghdad is drawing
Pretty pictures in black and white
Your story's airtight up in your satellite

I still believe in ghosts and immaterial things
Now it's plain to see your superstition's got the best of me

Let's begin to stare into the sun, trading truth for creature comforts and
Let em in, these fireflies and falling stars
come from lies to Rikshaw Finn
Track Name: snow kitten holidoozy
Come gather round, my friends. I'll sing a little jingle-o
About a snowman meeting that was colder than Kris Kringle's nose
Frosty and his family were sitting round the fridge
Reading through the snowkids Christmas wish lists

Most of the items on the list were things you might expect -
A corn cob pipe, a button nose, a scarf to wrap around the neck.
Frosty Jr. asked for a brand new pair of mittens
And little Suzy Snowflake was begging for a kitten

Let it meow, meow, meow...

They went outside in a hurry, made a snowball cute and round
It began to flurry and the whole family put on a few pounds
The kitten came to life with a kiss from little Suzy
and went running round the yard singing "Happy Holidoozy!"

Let it meow, meow, meow
Track Name: strange groove
Bad timing caught the off-beat swing
At your poolside party your purse keeps ringing
Your smile follows wile, spinning round

She said baby, you're looking so bereft don't you
miss the sweet love we had - yeah that's why I left
I couldn't take the snakes making hornet sounds

It's a strange groove that makes a man drawn to you

So we talked, talk turned to walking
Underneath the dock I dropped your stockings
Like the sand that makes a pearl I need a girl to rub me the wrong way and shape my world

Now I'm looking out your window watching traffic
Wondering which way to run. It's automatic
Another lap around the track, I'm coming back to the sugar shack, look out Ackbar - it's a honey trap

It's a strange groove that makes a man drawn to you
Track Name: blue blue moon
I like the way you walk
I like the way you wear that smock
The way you dance to your stereo
Pillow talk soft and low
I tune in, drop down, and drift away
Dreaming of a blue blue moon

The way you say those things
A canary in a coal mine sings
I'm a steamboat paddle swinging low
I'm a bourbon daddy don't you know
I'll set 'em up all night
Howling at that blue blue moon

It's been a long time
Since I've been so strung out on a line
Lord, you're looking fine
Lord, you're looking

In the middle of the night
I walk with you under the hum of the streetlight
Past the store front windows shouting play now, pay later, beg steal and borrow
I'll be honest, I'm not thinking bout tomorrow
In the darkness at the outskirts of town
We'll go swimming in a blue blue moon
Track Name: another song about driving home
Frost on the windshield
Sun spun like a pinwheel
Small change on the periphery
Takes center stage in the early winter pageantry

Days are getting shorter
The equinox approaches, everything's in order
Driving back to my home town
It's a periodic pilgrimage that there's no getting around

When I sit back and take stock
I'm feeling lucky for the things that I've got
I never knew I needed a blank space
Until that nimbus mob obscured your face
Another song about driving home
Sometimes it's easier to go it alone
When I write it down and say it out loud
I can almost hear my brother singing

Cruise past the old place
Garden's gone, the bricks have been replaced
The grade school's converted to a retirement community
That's not a metaphor, but man it's seems like it ought to be

New wing on the high school
Some little so and so stiffed me at the drive through
Part of me still wants to be 18 and cruising
Another part of me wonders what my cats are doing

Another song about driving home
No one really wants to be alone
When I write it down and say it out loud
I can almost hear my brother singing
Track Name: Old Man, River
If I lived by the river, I would watch the water flow
The sand banks shift and my thoughts drift to the Gulf of Mexico

You could live there with me, though surely nothing lasts
With wine and bread and blanket spread disheveled on the grass

She's only lucid when she dreams
She takes one for the team
And reels across the lawn
Winter white succumbs to spring
We're as naked as we seem
Here and then we're gone

The sun is a little lower, a chill is creeping in
I wonder if she's still waiting while I struggle to begin
Now I drink a little slower, but get there just the same
Sitting here by the river